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Mei (メイ)
Birthday : 1991/12/16(25)
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大分県別府市生まれ、幼児期を母親の故郷 別府市で過ごす。
7歳の時に父親の故郷 イスラエルへ転居。

2009年12月に日本に帰国するまで ハイファ市アートスクールヴィツォに通いながら、アカデミー音楽大学にてプライベートレッスンを受け、ヤングイスラエルフィルハーモニーの第一ヴァイオリン奏者として定期的にオーケストラやストリングスカルテットの公演を行った。

2006年 i-mayo(international festival of youth music)世界の若いミュージシャンによるアートユースオーケストラにイスラエル代表として参加。

2007年 ハイファ音楽院を代表し、フランスのマルセイユ、モンペリエにて弦楽四重奏のコンサートを行う。

イスラエルの選ばれた若いベストプレーヤーとしてドイツの若者によるオーケストラ、RIAS JUGEND ORCHESTER と共演。

2009年 日本に帰国後、House music、Jazz、Fusion、Pops 等々 様々な音楽とのコラボレーションを行いMei独自の世界観を発信している。

2012年10月より、 TOYOTAが展開する「LEXUS hybrid」の全世界に向けたGlobalサイトで、Meiの演奏によるコラボレーションムービーがスタートした。

2013年4月より、開業55周年を迎える「 東京タワーアンバサダー 」に就任。

同月より TOKYO FMにて「Tokyo Tower presents DIAMOND VEIL」でのメインパーソナリティーを務めている。
( 毎週土曜 20:00~20:30 OA )

9月22・23日には、東京芸術劇場にて 事務所の先輩でもある倉木麻衣のライブにソロヴァイオリニストとして出演し、東京フィルハーモニー交響楽団をバックに演奏を披露した。

12月31日には、パシフィコ横浜での「倉木麻衣 カウントダウンライブ」にもソロヴァイオリニストとして出演した。


2014年より、新たに 「東京タワーミュージックアンバサダー」に就任。

Mei was born in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, where she spent her early childhood until the age of 7, when she moved to her father’s native Israel. From the age of 9, she took up the violin, and age at the age of 13 was awarded the America-Israel Scholarship. Thereafter, she participated in orchestral joint-concerts in America and Germany as the Israeli Representative. She also performed in a string quartet concert tour in France.

Before her December 2012 return to Japan, she attended the Wizo Haifa Academy of Design & Education, an art school in Haifa, Israel, while simultaneously receiving private lessons at the Academy College of Music and earning her spot as The Young Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’s first violinist, and from time to time holding public performances as part of an orchestra and string quartet.

In 2006, she participated as the Representative of Israel at i-mayo (International Festival of Youth Music), an art youth orchestra for young musicians of the world.

In 2007, she participated as the Representative of Israel on behalf of the Haifa Music Conservatory, performing a concert in Marseille, France, as part of a string quartet at Montpellier.

From August of 2007 until January of 2008, she was chosen as Israel’s Best Youth Player and performed with the Rias Jugend Orchester, a youth orchestra of Germany.

After returning to Japan, she collaborated with various bands in several styles of music, including house music, jazz, fusion, and pop, among others. With her superior violin performance skills, Mei transmits her original perspective of the world to her audience.

She also performed the original theme song for the ending theme of the television program, “Shunkan! Channel 3” (on-air every Wednesday from 7:00-7:54PM) on her hometown’s OBS Oita Broadcast (TBS Series). Whether making stage performances on T.V. shows or performing at live houses, she is stirring up quite a sensation.

In addition, she has also recorded a house music collaboration as the violinist on ‘Black and Gold’ (released March 2012), the new album of DJ Kawasaki, a key player in the Japanese house movement. She performed as a guest at the release party held at Tokyo Daikanyama Air in April of 2012, and in July of the same year, appeared as a guest at the release party held by U-STREAM in Beppu City.

On September 29th and 30th of 2012, she performed onstage at the 60th anniversary event of Oita Broadcasting System (OBS) hosted by the station at Oita Bank Dome. (Participating artists included Crystal Kay, Kimaguren, Miho Fukuhara, Ayaka Ide, and others.) Mei’s solo, house version performance of “Pirates of the Caribbean” was broadcast live at the special event and garnered an enthusiastic reaction from the crowd.

From October 2012, Mei’s performance and collaboration movie was featured on the global site for Toyota’s Lexus Hybrid.

From April 2013, she was chosen to serve as the ‘Tokyo Tower Ambassador’ for the 55th anniversary since its opening. She acts as ambassador, dispatching the history as well as the recent efforts of Tokyo Tower within and without Japan.

From the same month, she has acted as the host of Tokyo FM’s ‘Tokyo Tower presents DIAMOND VEIL’ (on-air every Saturday from 8:00 to 8:30 PM)

In September 22nd and 23rd of the same year, she appeared as the solo violinist at a live show with Mai Kuraki at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, her performance backed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

On January 23rd, 2014, she released two albums that differ completely in style—Movement (Album Style ‘ON’) and Classical (Album Style ‘OFF’).
From January 2014, she has served again as the ‘Tokyo Tower Music Ambassador.’
Centering on music, she is helping to spread the allure of Tokyo Tower.